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The Gift of an Experience

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Delight someone with the gift of an Unexpected Journey. 

Pack a bag for your day and let our surprise road trips lead you to new destinations.  We've curated the perfect experience gift for couples, families, that solo traveler, friends, or simply a gift to yourself.

We provide the inspiration, you create the memories.

Book your journey for only $60 today.

Unexpected Journeys - White Pine Icon (B
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Our road trips explore Eastern Ontario, Quebec and the surrounding areas.

  • Step 1: Choose where your next great journey begins.

  • Step 2: Leave the journey planning to us and be prepared for the unexpected.

  • Step 3: Receive your beautifully packaged, surprise journey in the mail.

The Path to Follow

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Your Package

A thoughtfully planned, self-guided journey that includes:

  • Everything you need to know before heading out for your day.

  • Unique accommodations in case you want to extend your experience.

  • A series of sealed notes that you open along the way that will guide you to each new stop.

  • Lots of unexpected surprises and details to help make the most of your day.

UJ - Grouped Pinecones.png
UJ - Grouped Pinecones.png
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We are so excited for you to:

  • Take a day with family or friends to discover, appreciate and create memories that will last a lifetime.​

  • Uncover hidden gems, stunning scenery, inspiring places, local shops and delicious treats along the way​.

  • Discover where your journey will take you when you open that first note and set out on your way.

The Experience

UJ - Grouped Pinecones.png
Unexpected Journeys - White Pine Icon (B

They say every great journey begins with a single step.
Which step will you take to begin your travel?

Unexpected Journeys - White Pine Icon (B
BRT Outer
UJ - Grouped Pinecones_edited.png

Bridges, Rapids and Trails


You might experience:

  • Lots of hidden rapids

  • Unique photo spots

  • The cutest Hallmark town

  • Bridges at every stop

  • Shops that will delight

  • Secret trails

  • Breweries, a distillery

  • Decadent treats

  • Snowshoe/ski trails



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RVR Outer_edited.jpg

The River and Valley Route


You might experience:

  • Craft beers, dreamy vineyards

  • A magical waterfront stop with secret views

  • Gourmet destinations

  • Towering pines

  • Famous locals

  • Stunning waterways

  • Snowshoe trails 

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UJ - Grouped Pinecones_edited.png
Path Outer

Pathways, Cozy Cafes & Pretty Photos


​You might experience:

  • Instagrammable stops and venues

  • Foodie stops

  • Peaceful and enchanting forest trails

  • A cool brewery

  • Canada's prettiest town

  • Rural vineyards (summer)

  • Ski/snowshoe/skate



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UJ - Grouped Pinecones_edited.png
WV Outer

Waterways and Views



You might experience:​

  • A beautiful town

  • Awe inspiring water views

  • Pretty pathways

  • Urban breweries

  • A stroll through the vines

  • An unexpected shop

  • A forest snowshoe

  • Gorgeous rural stops



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UJ - Grouped Pinecones_edited.png

As Far as the Eye Can See


You might experience:

  • Serene outdoor galleries

  • Stunning waterways

  • Architecture that will amaze

  • Unbelievable hikes

  • Surprise after surprise

  • A brewery, cidery and distillery

  • Snowshoe trails                            


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UJ - Grouped Pinecones_edited.png
WWAL Outer

Wonderful Waterfalls & Lookouts


You might experience:

  • So many waterfalls

  • Scenic lookouts

  • Boardwalks and bridges

  • Exploring along the water

  • Butter tarts, cheesecake and donuts

  • Adult beverages

  • Winter skating trail

  • Snowshoe trail



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UJ - Grouped Pinecones_edited.png
SSS Outer

Sips, Strolls and Surprises


​You might experience:

  • Unexpected paths 

  • A gorgeous waterway

  • Scenic little hikes

  • Unique photo ops 

  • Beautiful historic venues

  • Vineyards and more vineyards

  • Brewery stops 


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UJ - Grouped Pinecones_edited.png
PIP Outer

Peaceful and Inspiring Places

​You might experience:

  • A few waterfront strolls

  • A heart-warming photo shoot

  • Scenic little hikes

  • Bakeries and decadent cheesecake

  • Unexpected stops

  • Skating trail/snowshoe




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UJ - Grouped Pinecones_edited.png
EDAD Outer_edited.jpg

Extraordinary Destinations and Discoveries


​You might experience:

  • Pretty pathways along the water

  • Iconic and historic sites

  • Urban eateries and boutiques

  • Boardwalks, islands and views

  • A rustic brewery, a vineyard

  • Outdoor skating trail


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UJ - Grouped Pinecones_edited.png
Ottawa West Wander Outer_edited.jpg

An Ottawa West Wander


You might experience:

  • Rural feels in the city

  • Water views and wildlife

  • An outdoor gallery

  • Local treats and brews

  • Cool coffee shops

  • Insta-worthy backdrops

  • Exploring the west end of Ottawa - This is an urban journey

  • Snowshoe trails


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UJ - Grouped Pinecones_edited.png
Dreamy Q Drive outer

A Dreamy

Quebec Drive


You might experience:

  •  Waterfall after waterfall

  •  Photo-worthy outdoor art

  •  Lots of secret spots

  • Chocolate, cheese and cafes 

  • Craft breweries along the way 

  • Sweet hiking and snowshoe trails

  • A winter skate 





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"My husband and I took one of the Unexpected Journey's day trips last weekend and loved it!

It was the perfect self guided tour with just the right touch of mystery and surprise.  Every place we stopped had some adventure or beautiful Instagram worthy sites to see.

Towards the end of each "secret stop" we couldn't wait to open the next envelope and head to our next destination.  It was amazing!

If you live in the Ottawa area or have plans to visit Ottawa, I highly recommend booking an "Unexpected Journey"!"

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