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The Vibe: Romantic. Delightful. A Breath of Fresh Air

Perfect For: Couples, friends, anyone you love

This Journey takes you in this direction: North of Ottawa


You might experience:

  • A few waterfront strolls
  • A heart-warming photoshoot
  • Scenic little hikes
  • Decadent cheesecake and bakeries
  • Unexpected stops
  • Skating trail/snowshoe trail



Formerly Love is in the Air 

Peaceful and Inspiring Places

SKU: UJ004
  • Best time for journey:  All year long.  This journey is perfect for every season.  If you intend on stopping in at the stores and eateries, we suggest you travel from Wednesday to Sunday as some venues may be closed.  Otherwise, all 5 outdoor stops are always open!  Brewery open daily.
  • Extra Costs: Possible parking fee at second stop
  • Total driving time between stops: 1 hr 10 mins
  • Driving time to first destination from:

                Ottawa -  .5 hr

                Kingston -  2.5 hrs

                Gatineau -  .5 hr

                Pembroke -  2 hrs

                Montreal - 2.5 hrs

  • Pet Friendly: Yes at all outdoor stops but not indoor venues which are optional
  • Accessible: Yes
  • Activity Level: Easy.  There are a few optional hikes and longer walks


We don't want to reveal too much and keep it as unexpected as possible. If you have any questions, please contact us.



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