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How long is each journey?

Each journey is designed to fill a day but we provide suggested timelines in case you want to create a 2 day experience.

How much do your road trips cost?

  • $55 per package plus tax and shipping.


What should I bring with me?

​Each experience is a little different so we provide a list of things we think you will need for your specific journey.

Does a guide come with us?

​No, this is a self-guided road trip. We will give you everything you need to navigate your day from directions, driving times, places to stop for lunch, cool facts about each stop, Instagram-worthy spots we know you'll love and as always, some surprises.  We will even provide a list of accommodations that we love in case you want to make your road trip an overnight getaway. You are responsible for any costs associated with your trip such as food, parking or reservations. There are even some tips on how to prepare if this is a surprise experience that you are taking someone on.

Where are your destinations?

​For now our road trips explore the areas surrounding Ottawa and the Outaouais.

What if I don't live in Ottawa?

This is the perfect experience to compliment your visit to the Nation's Capital. With every package we include accommodation recommendations for your area of travel. We've sourced many unique and special venues for you. We'll provide you with everything from cute and quaint options to the very luxurious. 

Many of our journeys can easily be done in a day if you are departing from the Montreal, Kingston and Pembroke areas.

What exactly does each package contain? How does this work?

​Each package comes to you through Canada Post. You will receive a list of accommodations, how to create the perfect surprise trip if this is a gift, an envelope to open before setting out and a series of sealed notes ( 5-6 for a full day) to open along the way guiding you from one destination to the next. Each stop is a surprise. Your experience arrives beautifully packaged.

How long will it take for my package to arrive?

You will receive your package through Canada Post and it can take anywhere from 7-10 business days to arrive if you choose the regular shipping or 2-3 business days if you choose Express Post.

What if I ordered a package as a gift at the last minute?

That happens to lots of people, we understand that! That is why we have provided a certificate that can be printed out so that they know a special gift is on the way.

Can I bring my pet? My children?

​Several of our journeys are pet friendly and many are geared towards families. We have included this information in the preview of each experience.


Are your trips accessible?

We have included accessible journeys. This information is provided in the preview of each experience.

Are packages available in French?

​Not currently, but we are working on it. Pas en ce moment. Ca s'en vient!

How many people should I bring?

During this time we recommend travel with people within your bubble. 2-5 people at the most.

Are your trips able to be used during COVID?

Yes, we try as much as possible to keep you outside, off the beaten path and provide many take-out options and give you all the information you need to have a winter picnic! Please make sure you check out local Public Health guidelines before you set out as things can change quickly.

Do you support any charities?

We donate $1 of every journey to Tree Canada to ensure that your trip is as carbon neutral as possible. Please visit their website to read about all of the wonderful ways they are helping the environment and how you can show your love for our planet as well. 

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